NumPy Synthesizer

01: Sine wave with NumPy

23 april 2017 Starting the synthesizer project.

02: Inspiration and Introduction

02 april 2017 Why you would be interested in my project and what motivated me to make it.

03: Audio Basics

05 april 2017 Basic digital audio principles.

04: Amplitude Modulation

28 July 2017 Amplitude modulation using Python and NumPy explained and demonstrated. Get the source code here.

Hardware Videos

Detuned Fun!

04 July 2017 Fun with frequence modulating and detuning a synthesizer.

Korg MS20 Half Minute

20 may 2017 Messing around with a Korg MS20 on a lazy Saturday afternoon...but only for 30 seconds!

Morse Code in Your Kitchen

09 april 2013 Demonstration of my morse code keyer with an Arduino over a network connection. Morse code is so retro cool. The GitHub repo with the source and schematics is on my GitHub repo.

Remote Control Motors

10 april 2013 Here I use Node, express, and an Arduino to control four spinning motors from a mobile interface. Here is the GitHub repo with the plans and source code. It is dated now, but I did have fun with it at the time!